I had never done anything like this before so I was nervous about the process and, to be completely honest, I was nervous about working one-on-one shooting sexy photos with a man I didn’t know . None of those worries continued once we got started. Rock was respectful and patient. He made me feel very comfortable and way more beautiful than I thought possible. Also, he did it without being creepy! LOL.
[br][br] The process of shooting Boudoir was really cool! It’s like being behind the scenes at America’s Next Top model or something. Rock was so patient with me and understanding of the fact that I had no prior experience with any of this. He also has an awesome studio and his lighting techniques are one of my favorite things. He has wonderful ideas, gives great feedback while shooting and I appreciate how he took the time to explain what the light scenarios were going to do as he was setting them up!
[br][br] I have appreciated the new perspective I have on myself and my body.