I didn’t think I had the “look” for this type of photoshoot but I was wrong. The photographs from my session were stunning! Rock was able to capture my best features and showed me that, with a little coaching and patience, we all have the potential to be supermodels! My 5 hour session left me exhausted but I left the studio feeling confident and inspired by the experience.
[br][br] The process of Rock assisting me with selecting my outfits, along with the makeup artist creating my boudoir look, made me feel like I was a supermodel. Before the shoot began, I enjoyed Rock’s modeling “crash course” on posing. The patience that he exuded during the first hour of shooting, as well as the background music, helped me to relax and get comfortable with the camera.
[br][br] One of my favorite parts of my boudoir session was when Rock paused to show me a preview of a shot he took on the back of the camera. It was a raw shot that was perfectly imperfect! I radiated in the photo and it made me relax and trust that he was posing me in ways that brought out my best.
[br][br] I would recommend that you use a Rock Carter photography session to pamper yourself with an unforgettable Boudoir experience that will remind you that self-love, confidence and the celebration of your body takes priority. The session will let you fall deeper in love with who you are and awaken and/or reveal your confidence in your personal and professional life. Rock Carter’s patience and professionalism will let you step out of your comfort zone & enhance your confidence, providing you with an invaluable fulfilling experience. Go for it and celebrate your natural beauty!