I am currently looking for a talented female makeup artist to add to my beauty team.
Here are the details…
My photography studio is located in east Baltimore (Greektown) and I specialize in Boudoir and Fine-Art photography for women. All of my packages include professional makeup and lashes for my clients, so I bring in a makeup artists on almost all of my shoots.

Because of demand, I have decided to add one more makeup artist to my beauty team. This is a freelance position so you will be free to continue your own work, and work with me on a “scheduled” basis.

This opportunity is great for anyone who is looking for some extra work to supplement their current income.

Here is a what you can expect if you are part of my beauty team.
  • You will be featured on my website’s homepage
  • Starting pay rate (Tier 1) is $85.00 for the first face and $75.00 for each additional look
  • Tier 2 – Pay rate increase happens after 15 paid shoots to $100.00 (first face) and $85.00 for each additional look
  • Tier 3 – Pay rate increase happens after 30 paid shoots to $145.00 (first face) and $85.00 for each additional look
  • If you stay/assist for the entire photoshoot, you are paid $15 per hour, additionally
  • You should be ok with shooting TFP/Collab for portfolio updates (around 4 per year)
  • Payment for services is made by credit card/Zelle (usually the same day or following day)
The following is super important if we work together:
  • Reliability – (I am 100% about my word and just expect the same in return)
  • Transportation – Reliable Transportation is a must
  • Personality – (Your ability to engage them is just as important as your skill with the brush)
  • Punctuality – (also very important – I ask that my artist is there, setup, and ready at least 15mins before shoot time)
  • Makeup Skill – I prefer blended eyeshadow looks and subtle/natural glam makeup that works well with flash photography (minimized shine and good pour coverage). Color matching the face to the body/neck is very important as well.
  • Versatility – (my client base is diverse, so the ability to work with all races, skin-tones, and skin types is a must.
  • Before any paid shoots begin, you must be willing to work at least 2 collab/test shoots with me so that I can evaluate work ethic, personality, skill level with multiple skin tones, punctuality, and reliability.
  • Availability – You should have an up-to-date Google Calendar to share with me so that I can see your availability (real time) as I am booking photoshoots.
Note: When you work on any collab/test shoot with me, you will always receive at least 5 professional images along with a before/after image that you can use in your portfolio to advertise your work.

About The Clients…
My main clients are usually not models or even aspiring models, etc. They are everyday women who decide (for various reasons) to take some beautiful portraits that celebrate their femininity. They pay me more so for an “experience” and not just a photoshoot. They want to feel beautiful, and they usually end up feeling more empowered and confident after shooting with me.

That being said, most are usually very nervous when they come in for their shoot. Before the shoot gets started, my makeup artist (you) will have them for about an hour so your ability to engage them and make them feel comfortable as they sit there with you is of utmost importance.

If interested, please contact me at info@rockcarter.com with your email address and contact number so that we can discuss the details!