What is a Location Boudoir Photo Session?
Any boudoir photoshoot outside of the Rock Carter Photography studio is considered “on location”. While usually done outdoors in secluded natural environments or urban areas, they can also be shot in a vast number of indoor private locations such as abandoned buildings, parking garages, homes, and rental spaces (eg. hotel rooms, Airbnb, time shares).

If you have a particular indoor location in mind, I’m always happy to discuss the details with you and get it all set up!

Visit the Photo Gallery to see more location boudoir images.
Shooting Your Boudoir Portraits Outdoors
Take your boudoir experience out of the studio and let the world be your beautiful scenic backdrop!

Outdoor shoots can be loads of fun, exciting, and adventurous! Some clients instantly fall in love with the idea of doing an outdoor boudoir session in nature, in water, or in urban settings. If you are someone who feels at peace and/or inspired by being outdoors then this type of session may be a fantastic way to express yourself.

Sunlight is one of the best assets in photography as it provides a very unique look and feel that is extremely difficult to duplicate in a studio setting. Furthermore, the unlimited background options and endless creative lighting possibilities will result in more images that look substantially different from one another.

Whether you’re going for a lighter ethereal look or something more intense and moody, taking the shoot to the great outdoors will result in stellar images that pop with creativity and unique flair.
Nature Boudoir Sessions
Woodland settings such as forests and meadows, parks, hiking trails, etc. give you infinite scenery possibilities when shooting on location. They are an amazing way to capture your natural beauty and innate sexiness as well.
Nature often provides peacefulness and relaxation and can help you feel more at ease during your boudoir shoot. Furthermore, trees can provide seclusion, give shade, and the leaves, branches, vines, etc. will add contrast, character, and texture to your boudoir portraits. There is definitely something truly liberating about boudoir sessions in the fresh air with all of that natural light, immersing yourself in all the beauty that nature offers!
Water Boudoir Sessions
Let’s face it… wet can be sexy!    Water boudoir sessions are an intimate celebration with nature that allows you to feel free yet still connected at the same time. Rivers and riverbanks, lakes and streams, waterfalls and beaches will add a very romantic, elegant ambiance to your images that perfectly complements your natural beauty. These sessions are often healing, playful and energizing.

Imagine having your photographer in a river with you, coaching you on posing and snapping photos while you slowly relax and become one with the water!

It is amazing what water can do to transform the atmosphere of a boudoir shoot. Many of us know that being around water makes us calmer and more creative. Moving water is “white noise” and that soothing sound can free your mind, help your brain let go of stress and tension, and bring your body into a state of relaxation that creates a sense of effortless beauty in your images.
Urban Portraiture
While urban portraiture can be sexy, the shoots are rarely “full-on” boudoir because most of the locations don’t offer sufficient privacy.

Cities are vibrant hubs of life and energy and it’s precisely this raw beauty that makes sexy urban portraits so appealing.

There are many cool areas that provide captivating backgrounds such as public rooftops, bridges, stairways, alley ways, and city streets. Their raw characteristics (ie. brickwork, rustic undertones, architecture, and leading lines) help to produce striking images that tell a story and demand the viewers’ attention.
Life’s best moments happen outside
of your comfort zone.
Do the shoot!