My main goal is to make sure that you have all of the information that you need. There is a lot that goes into giving you a really good boudoir experience and I want you to have all of your questions answered...
Ok. Well, feel free to chime in along the way if you think of anything (else) that you want to ask ok?
Instagram Handle, Facebook Information, Others. (She can also send me pictures)
Do you have any inspiration images of your own that you would like me to see?
Bras and Undies, Corsets, Bustiers, Lace Night gowns and robes, or even casual attire like a simple white button down with nothing on under it, jeans, or even thick knee-high or thigh high socks with shorty shorts, etc. There are a lot of options available.

Shoot Preparation Guide. Once you are booked, you will receive a welcome email. It contains all of your booking information, studio address, and some useful tips to help you get ready for your shoot.

It also will have a link to our Shoot Prep Guide which contains tons of useful information about how to prepare for your boudoir shoot including really good tips on "skin preparation", “what to wear”, “how to choose the best outfits”, and it also has info on places to find nice outfits for boudoir shoots.
I take a limited number of shoots per month to be sure that each client can get 100% of my attention which allows me to give them the most personalized experience possible

Most women who shoot with me are usually a bit nervous and have absolutely no idea how nice their images will turn out. The confidence level changes almost immediately as soon as I show them one of their shots on the back of the camera during the shoot. After that, the facial expressions in their shots become more and more confident and there is slightly more "attitude" in their images as well. Seeing that change in them makes me feel pretty good about the work that I do.